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So I know it's no surprise that I haven't been blogging for quite awhile.  Life takes over from time to time and while I do my best to keep up with all the little happenings life has the ability to throw at you, sometimes things you enjoy simply have to take the back burner.

Patience is the best term to describe something I struggle with A LOT.  Not just with where I want to be in my blogging, but with many things - fitness, decorating my home, saving up for that new car I've been swooning over for the past six months, getting engaged!  I keep telling myself that amazing things come to those who are willing to wait so I wanted to remind you all of that as well.  Sure my blog is taking a backseat right now, but I'm DYING to show off my new blog design (the task of switching things over is sooo much more work than I had anticipated!), sharing new recipes that I've been saving and my dream of writing my very own cookbook is still high priority on my bucket list.

My little blog will become my central focus again very very soon, but I appreciate your patience while I focus on more important things at the moment - family being one of them (and maybe those six pack abs).

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