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Sponsor Spotlight

 Meet Paula.  She's the uber fit, super chic girl behind the blog From Fries to Fit and she knows the importance of training hard, eating healthy yet still indulging in the occasional naughty treat.  Paula really shares it ALL on her blog, everything from low carb recipes, workout tips and ideas to style tips and motivational posts for you to get out and be active!  She recently did her first 10k race, competed in her first Spartan Sprint and plans to get her Zumba certification next month.  Starting this blog has changed her for the better and now she wants to share all those tips and tricks with you, so head on over and check her out!


Karli's blog Health Confessions is truly inspirational.  Once a girl struggling with her own weight, she met and married the man of her dreams who just so happened to be a personal trainer and became a health coach herself!  Did you know 60% of Americans will be starting some sort of diet program come the new year??  So why not kick off your journey to becoming your best self with Karli!  She'll help coach you through your weight loss journey and help transition you into lifelong maintenance - it's a win, win!  So if you're looking for that little boost to get yourself motivated, look no further because Karli can whip you into shape and I bet you'll have fun in the process!


K & K Test Kitchen is written by a mother-daughter duo which was born out of their love for cooking and experimenting with different recipes.  Being close with my mom myself, I just love the idea of sharing family recipes and cooking together!  Kelsey is a 20-something economist while Kim is a hockey wife and fabulous mother, combined they make one amazing team in the kitchen and their recipes range everywhere from the healthiest to the most indulgent.  Truly something for everyone!  They've also recently been experimenting with carb cycling which is alternating between low carb and high carb days.  They plan on sharing those recipes soon so stay tuned!

 You may remember Miss Heidi from the blog Young Grasshopper, but she has a second blog that I think everyone will love!  It's called BaryFly 101 and literally has every cocktail you can imagine!  And no these aren't just Heidi's signature recipes, you can log in yourself and share your own delicious concoctions!  Best part is, her website makes it oh so easy to find any drink recipe simply by typing in any ingredient.  And yes, virgin drinks are on there too all you mommys-to-be!  You can expect to find a lot of new margarita and sangria recipes coming up in the near future so head on over to Heidi's virtual bar and live a little, it's always 5:00 somewhere!


I'm SO excited to introduce to you all the gorgeous Nadia!  She's the writer of the fabulous blog A Culinary Education and her recipes are absolutely to DIE for.  Some of my favorites that I can wait to try are her tiramisu, sweet potato gnocchi and she shares a super informative biscotti series that is really helpful {not to mention delicious!}  Growing up in a family with a wide variety of culinary taste, she has grown to really appreciate all types of food from different cultures and this is evident in the recipes that she shares.  She also studied the Culinary Arts in school, so you know she's legit!  So make sure to check out Miss Nadia, you'll sure be glad you did!


Hope you enjoyed these ladies!
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