Remember when I was a food blogger?

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Remember when I was a food blogger?

Me too.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately, who knew how much work would go into moving into a new home and how many weekends they would take up??  Sigh.  As most of you know, I work full-time at a law firm so anything else I need to get done I try to squeeze in between 6 and 10 PM or on the weekends.  With that said, I FINALLY have an entire two days to myself this weekend!!  Things have been slowing down with the house now (aka I must stop shopping) so I'm looking forward to sharing some delicious recipes I've been trying out.

I also have some exciting new things happening on the blog front as well!  I'm currently undergoing a whole new brand re-design and plan on launching my new site this spring.  That's another reason I haven't been working on recipes too much.  Not only will it be easier to find and print recipes, but I've been developing my own dishes for the past few months and am super excited to share them with you soon!

It's amazing what you learn over the years after starting a food blog.  At the time I wrote my first post I was living off of lean cuisines, Splenda and diet coke....yes and calling it healthy.  Boy was I WRONG.  From here on out, you will no longer find Splenda in any of my recipes, and any recipes containing it will be modified.  I still have diet cokes now and then (can't quit smoking in a day right??) but I have at least 2 bottles of water for every diet coke I consume.  I guess that's my educated justification.  Everything is a learning process and I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of the things I've learned over the course of starting this little blog that may help you all.  Mostly that living an 80/20 lifestyle -- 80% clean eating with some indulgent treats now and then, has been the greatest thing I've done for my body.

Can't wait to show you all this new space!


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